Porlex Retailers

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Porlex grinders are the original and highest quality coffee travel grinder. The Porlex patented ceramic burr technology cannot be replicated. By purchasing from an authorised retailer, you are guaranteed an authentic Porlex coffee grinder, with full support and access to replacement parts.

Please note that our legendary support and warranty coverage does not extend to purchases made from unauthorized sellers, or marketplace websites such as, but not limited to; Amazon, eBay or any other discount marketplace websites.

The following is a list of authorized retailers of Porlex Grinders in the USA.

Blue Bottle Coffee Roasters

Brio Coffeeworks

Fellow Products - in store only

French Press Coffee

Heart Coffee Roasters

Intelligentsia Coffee

Isolation Coffee

Rockin' Cat

Ritual Coffee Roasters

Rojo's Roastery

Authorized International Distributors:

Canada: Eight Ounce Coffee

Saudi Arabia: Varietal

UK: Ozone Coffee