Porlex Ceramic Spice Mill 3

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This compact spice mill from Porlex is great for travel and comes with a glass body and a cap to keep the spice bits and aroma from escaping. This one comes with a handy grind adjustment screw so you can get your spices exactly how you want them.


  • Capacity:
    • ~25g of Rock Salt
    • 10g of Pepper with grain size up to 5.5mm
  • Height: 10.3cm
  • Width: 2.8cm
  • Weight: ~64g
  • Adjustable Grind Control

How to use the Porlex Ceramic Spice Mill 3:

  1. Remove the mill body from the glass bottle by holding the glass bottle and turn the mill body counterclockwise
  2. Insert the spice of your choice into the glass bottle and attach the mill body again
  3. Adjust the grind size by removing the cap, loosening the adjustment screw (rotating counterclockwise) for a coarser grind or tighten (rotating clockwise) for a finer grind
  4. To grind, hold the mill body and turn the glass clockwise